Glimpse StructureMap Plugin Beta

Glimpse Structuremap PluginI remember hearing about Glimpse in the early days, listening to Hanselminutes and guys from Herding Code talk about how great, shinny and powerful this new web debugger tool targeted at ASP.NET MVC. After taking a gander for myself back in 2011 I agreed. I remember thinking this tool is going to take off. I was really interested in creating plugins for RavenDb, Log4net and Ninject but after sitting on my thumbs as I was too busy with client work a few smart dudes beat me to the punch. Checkout the extensive library of Glimpse Plugins on nuget. With the release of Glimpse 1.0, I revisited my goal to create a plugin. Creating a plugin is simple, the hardest part is getting the data out of the targeted frameworks. I set my eyes initially on two plugins, StructureMap and Funk IoC containers.

In the future I’d like to create plugins for ( in order ):

All that said, The Glimpse StructureMap plugin shows bound interfaces to implementations as well as current settings in the default container just by dropping the assembly into your project. Glimpse.StructureMap Source

Please take Glimpse StructureMap for a test drive and provide feedback.

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Northwind for Oracle

Northwind for OracleAlong with HR database Oracle provides default database for Northwind! Nah, wake up am just kidding! Ever wanted or had the need to create a version of the MS Northwind SQL Server Database on Oracle? If you are working with EntLib code base and want to run the unit tests then you know what I’m taking about. Only reason is EntLib unit tests! I spent sometime researching for existing solutions without success. What I found was several options that were outdated, incomplete, error-ed out, or would not run at all. Oracle has an SQL Server Migration process but that seemed bulky. Instead, created the scripts in MS Northwind for Oracle Gist Files to create Northwind in an Oracle database using some code generation techniques. You can download entire gist. Hope someone finds them useful. I know my team will be putting them to good use setting up our Enterprise Library unit tests.

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RavenDB Embedded Configuration

RavenDB API Key and Windows Authentication I’ve seen several posts talking about how to run RavenDb in Embedded mode and purge the database. If you want a newly created database each run or you are configuring for unit testing, simply use the RunInMemory=true. Most posts show how to serve the embedded database over HTTP setting UseEmbeddedHttpServer = true but neglect to explain changing the default port. Since I’m hosting RavenDb in IIS over default port 8080 trying to serve up an Embedded version using default port 8080 would cause conflicts. Therefore, I use NonAdminHttp.EnsureCanListenToWhenInNonAdminContext(9090) to change the port and use http://localhost:9090 to access RavenDb Studio for the embedded version. Another overlooked setting is the ability to bypass authentication for local access, store.HttpServer.SystemConfiguration.AllowLocalAccessWithoutAuthorization = true will do the trick.

using (var store = new EmbeddableDocumentStore
    DataDirectory = "~/App_Data/Database",
    RunInMemory = true,
    UseEmbeddedHttpServer = true,
    store.HttpServer.SystemConfiguration.AllowLocalAccessWithoutAuthorization = true;

Presentations on github

Powerful Presentations and Demos

Recently moved a few presentations, demos, and sample code to my github space here. Looking to add more soon.

  • Demo Object To Object Mapping April 2011
  • Demo Chocolatey Feb 2012
  • Demo NuGet Fast Overview March 2012
  • Demo TDD November 2012

Videos and Chalk Talks expand on this content. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.

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Crystal Reports with BigIP Bang Head Here

Crystal Reports Bang Head HereSometime back during a deployment some head banging occurred thanks to Crystal Reports hard-coding configuration in their application. The really irritating part is the configuration is configurable in the enterprise version. What configuration you ask? The location of the aspnet_client and CrystalReportsViewerX folders. By default Crystal Reports installs CrystalReportsViewerX folder to the default IIS web site,Default Web Site root, C:\inetpub\wwwroot\aspnet_client\system_web\2_0_50727 folder path. If you have a custom web site, for example, My Rocking Web Site, in most cases you can simply copy the aspnet_client/…/CrystalReportsViewerX folder to root of My Rocking Web Site physical path and all is good. What if you want to change the location of the aspnet_client folder? Please do not be mistaken by changing the shared location 1 2, the goal is to change the location of aspnet_client folder to say a virtual directory instead of the root.

You maybe asking yourself why do you want to change the location of aspnet_client folder?

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Podcasts Get Me Home After Disney World Hangover

Podcasts Get Me Home After Disney World HangoverThe day before we are to leave from the water park vacation we decided to take the kids to Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom for the day. We arrive on time as planned, kids watched the opening of the park act and race with everyone else to get signatures from their character. We hit Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride several times, Jungle Cruise, Swiss Family Robinson Tree House, and Splash Mountain 2-3 times with my son. After a decent lunch in the welcomed air conditioning the batteries recharged enough to hit Pooh 3D Show, Its a Small World, and Fast Pass Peter Pan ride. The family decided to head back to the hotel for a nap then come back after dinner to enjoy the park at night. What a great choice!

The kids and mommy had a good 2 hour nap while daddy chased down a wireless connection that I never caught but I did find a few draft beers along the way to cool my thirst and temper. I’ve never heard of a resorts wireless going down for 3 days straight! I finally had sometime to play and I could not get a connection to save my life! I digress. We hit the park by 6 PM and made our fast pass time for the Peter Pan ride! The kids loved it! Just as I remember it. We did the Peter Pan ride a few times but then the heavens opened up. Yes! The clouds rolled in fast and the rain followed quickly. We still had fun running around in the rain, jumping in puddles and riding Buzz Lightyear about 4 times. Then we raced the cars at the speedway in the rain! That was fun! The rain eventually subsided in time to watch the light show and the fireworks. We really enjoyed the fireworks! After closing down the park we took the ferryboat back to the parking lot ( kids really enjoyed all the lights ).

If you ask my son what his favorite part of his day at Disney was …

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More Road Trip Podcast Mayhem

More Road Trip Podcast MayhemEarly morning road trip, starting at 3 AM, to enjoy a water park and Walt Disney World with the kids for a long weekend! We normally travel through the night. This time the goal was to try the early morning travel. The tough call is, does daddy actually go to sleep for a few hours or just stay up all night? This time I slept for two hours then started driving at 4 AM. We woke the kids up once the car was ready to go, of course they woke up but thankfully went back to sleep once on the interstate. Honestly I think I prefer this early morning travel versus the overnight. The kids did great, still drove 9 hours but the morning breakfast stop seemed to breakup the trip just enough. The ONLY bad part traveling at this time I do not get to enjoy as many pod-casts before our precious packages awaken.



I was disappointed to learn Project Silk did not review Knockout.js or Backbone.js before publishing guidance. I will state, the Project Silk team does acknowledge Knockout.js and Backbone.js. Appears to be the case of get something basic out, then evaluate other more advanced frameworks/libraries in a subsequent release. Since the publication the team has reviewed Knockout.js and Backbone.js and will hopefully be publishing a revision to include direction on both.

I really enjoyed the pod-cast from Herding Code with Derick Bailey on Backbone.js. I have not been able to really spend the time I’d like learning Backbone.js BUT after hearing the talk I have a NEW vigor to get on it. I learned alot from the talk especially a few places to learn so called ‘best practices’. There is NO question in my mind Derick Baily is definitely an expert in the Backbone.js world. Before the talk I thought of Backbone.js as a framework and/or MVC framework but after listening to Derick that is not accurate. Backbone.js is more of a flexible library. I highly recommend listening to Derick Baily talk about Backbone.js. His knowledge and passion for Backbone.js is quickly apparent.

Concerning the talk with Brad Wilson … The information and knowledge that oozes out of Brad Wilson is simply terrifying! I’m looking forward to seeing how far Brad can push xUnit 2.0 release.

I have yet to hear a bad talk with Glenn Block, this guys is top notch! DotNet Rocks fellas had a great conversation with Glenn Block regarding node.js support in Windows Azure. It was encouraging to hear Glenn Block stress Microsoft wants to make Azure a platform that supports several frameworks not just C# and ASP.NET. Windows Azure now supports JAVA, Ruby On Rails, PHP, Hadoop, and Node.js. If guys like Scott Gu, Glenn Block, and Scott Hanselman can continue to push Microsoft to REALLY collaborate and embrace the OSS community I think big things will continue. The more the mentality of buy it or we can write it better is quieted or lessoned from within MS and MORE embracing existing frameworks and supporting more than just MS stack the BETTER .NET stack will become! Hold on to your hats times are changing for the better.


ALT.NET Continuous Delivery Practices and .NET Teams

Attended my first ALT.NET meeting last night at Manuel’s Tavern. Learning about Low-Risk Software Releases: Continuous Delivery Practices and .NET Teams. It was great to meet and talk with other like minded folks, hear about war stories and other viewpoints. Overall it was a great experience; looking forward to the next meeting. For me this content could not come at a better point. I’m currently working on BuildInABox focusing on CI and CD as well as potentially rolling onto projects where these principles can be leveraged immediately.


Versant Object Database Webinar and Networking Event

Versant Object Database WebinarExtremely excited about the upcoming Versant Object Database Webinar and Networking Event in two weeks at my office in D.C.

In the webinar will we review the current landscape of data management solutions, such as, Hadoop, NoSQL and NewSQL, differentiate Versant’s database from the other databases, present benchmarks on performance, review customers case studies, and provide a demonstration of Versant’s NoSQL database in both Java and .Net.