Sean Gilbert Climbing Six Gap Welcome to frozenbytes! This is my site for all things technical that I work with or am interested in. Browse at your leisure and let me know what you think. I’m always interested in feedback. I’m frozenbytes by night, specialist master, software craftsman by day working out of Richmond. I play the role of husband and dad to a wonderful wife and children. I have a passion for technology, interesting tools and just about anything NEW. I enjoy reading, favorite topics include fatherhood, technology, cycling, history, government, and spies. In my not so free time I enjoy mountain biking and cycling where ever and when ever possible! Checkout my steeds and all the places I’ve ridden.

I took my first programming classes in high school, MS BASIC, MS Pascal, and Turbo Pascal. Freshmen year in college as an engineering student at the University of Vermont I took C, and Matlab. I remember my first IBM computer, a 386 my freshmen year in college (remember telnet was the bomb). It took me three years to payoff the loan to pay for the now relic. If I spent the same amount now on a computer, it would likely fetch me the top of the line.

I’ve been doing the software consuluting gig since the late 90s working with some of the best and brightest. I mainly work on the .NET stack but have done a couple small JAVA projects, dabled in Ruby. I really enjoy learning new languages, technologies and pushing the envolope. I believe in TDD, continuous integration and open source.