Getcha Some Open Source Perks Today

Getcha Some Open Source Perks Today

Direct from the mind of Nik Molnar and Anthony van der Hoorn the brains behind Glimpse bring you Open Source Perks. Open Source Perks is a list of tools and services made freely available to open source projects. The site is currently in Beta, hosted on GitHub.

In more general terms, I’d like to see an OSS hub, temperature of OSS so to speak that lists perks, top and bottom projects contributed to via the many repos, contacts, projects that need support, maybe even a voting system to collectively garner a group of folks to contribute on a large scale to projects for a short time-frame. I’m not sure what this looks like but would be interested in conversations. Maybe this already exists or has been attempted in the past. Welcome conversations and opinions.

What is the OOS Perks plan?

The long term plan is to build something big and beautiful that provides value for open source projects, consisting of a community edited information source. But for starters we're keeping it simple while taking the pulse of the community. Is there any interest? What are the needs?

Check it out! What are you waiting for? Take action! Contribute your favorite perk via a pull request, learn more below ( taken from OSS Perks Readme at time of writing ). For full details please visit OSS Perks.

On a side note if you are looking to see how to get involved in OSS check out the lastest production from tekpub –> Get Involved.

How to Add Your Favorite Perk

  • Fork the repository
  • Use the following template to create an additional perk.
    <div class="product-overview">
        <div class="product-title">
            <h2><a href="{URL to Tool/Service Page}">{Name of Tool/Service}</a></h2>
            by <div class="tag company"><a href="{URL to Vendor Site}">{Name of Vendor}</a></div>
        <div class="tag platform">{Platform}</div>
    <div class="product-description">
        {Description of Tool/Service}
    <div class="tag category">{Category Tag}</div> <!-- This node can be repeated for multiple tags -->
    <div class="clear"></div>
  • Add the results to the <ul class="product-listing reset"> within <section class="products"> on index.html.
  • Make a pull request


  • Try to use {URL to Tool/Service Page1} that points to information about what is needed to qualify for a free license.
  • {Platform} is a development platform like .Net, Java, JavaScript or Ruby.
    • For non-platform specific tools, enter any, not an operating system.