Glimpse Ninject Plugin Mods

Glimpse Ninject PluginI’m a fan of Glimpse and Ninject IoC. Glimpse is a powerful debugging tool for ASP.NET MVC3/4 and Web Form applications providing simple extension points for custom plugins. I’d like to announce the release of Glimpse.Ninject 0.8.5 supporting Glimpse 1.2.0. The fork is based on Ninject.Extensions.Glimpse by Jaben Cargman.

With the release of Glimpse 1.0, I revisited my goal to create a few Glimpse plugins. Creating a plugin is simple, the hardest part is getting the data out of the targeted frameworks. I set my eyes initially on two plugins, StructureMap and Funk IoC containers but found that I used Ninject often and decided to help update Ninject.Extensions.Glimpse by Jaben Cargman in the form of a pull request and an immediate release for my own use.

Modifications: ( Pull RequestSource)

  • Upgrade to Glimpse 1.2.0
  • Directory restructure
  • Altered Namespaces, package name, code
  • Updated nuspec files
  • Add build dir

See my previous post Create a Glimpse Plugin to get a simple quick and dirty plugin up quickly.