Northwind for Oracle

Northwind for OracleAlong with HR database Oracle provides default database for Northwind! Nah, wake up am just kidding! Ever wanted or had the need to create a version of the MS Northwind SQL Server Database on Oracle? If you are working with EntLib code base and want to run the unit tests then you know what I’m taking about. Only reason is EntLib unit tests! I spent sometime researching for existing solutions without success. What I found was several options that were outdated, incomplete, error-ed out, or would not run at all. Oracle has an SQL Server Migration process but that seemed bulky. Instead, created the scripts in MS Northwind for Oracle Gist Files to create Northwind in an Oracle database using some code generation techniques. You can download entire gist. Hope someone finds them useful. I know my team will be putting them to good use setting up our Enterprise Library unit tests.

Scripts: ( order required to be run )


If you want to be able to export and import once created instead of running scripts use.