Glimpse StructureMap Plugin Beta

Glimpse Structuremap PluginI remember hearing about Glimpse in the early days, listening to Hanselminutes and guys from Herding Code talk about how great, shinny and powerful this new web debugger tool targeted at ASP.NET MVC. After taking a gander for myself back in 2011 I agreed. I remember thinking this tool is going to take off. I was really interested in creating plugins for RavenDb, Log4net and Ninject but after sitting on my thumbs as I was too busy with client work a few smart dudes beat me to the punch. Checkout the extensive library of Glimpse Plugins on nuget. With the release of Glimpse 1.0, I revisited my goal to create a plugin. Creating a plugin is simple, the hardest part is getting the data out of the targeted frameworks. I set my eyes initially on two plugins, StructureMap and Funk IoC containers.

In the future I’d like to create plugins for ( in order ):

All that said, The Glimpse StructureMap plugin shows bound interfaces to implementations as well as current settings in the default container just by dropping the assembly into your project. Glimpse.StructureMap Source

Please take Glimpse StructureMap for a test drive and provide feedback.

The feedback received to date:

  • Provide info what was actually resolved during a given HTTP Request
  • To busy, alter amount of data and how presented
  • Dump out Container.WhatDoIHave()

Screen Shots

Glimpse.StructureMap Default ViewGlimpse.StructureMap Default View

Glimpse.StructureMap Family Registrations ViewGlimpse.StructureMap Family Registrations View


Either build the project and reference the Glimpse.StructureMap.dll in your Glimpse-enabled project or execute Install-Package GlimpseStructureMap in the Package Manager Console to install the NuGet package.

To enable the plugin, you have to call the ActivateGlimpseStructureMap() extension method on your IContainer.


The Glimpse.StructureMap.Mvc3Sample ASP.NET MVC application simply shows a basic default StructureMap configuration. The HomeController has a dependency on IFooBar and FooBar implements IFooBar interface. StructureMap auto scan will create a configuration mapping for IFooBar with a concrete type of FooBar. StructureMap will inject the concrete implementation of IFooBar as FooBar resulting in the View displaying ‘Snickers’.


Create an issue here on GitHub, send me a message or fork the project and send me a pull request.

Open Source License

Glimpse for StructureMap is free software distributed under the Apache License 2.0.

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