Podcasts Get Me Home After Disney World Hangover

Podcasts Get Me Home After Disney World HangoverThe day before we are to leave from the water park vacation we decided to take the kids to Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom for the day. We arrive on time as planned, kids watched the opening of the park act and race with everyone else to get signatures from their character. We hit Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride several times, Jungle Cruise, Swiss Family Robinson Tree House, and Splash Mountain 2-3 times with my son. After a decent lunch in the welcomed air conditioning the batteries recharged enough to hit Pooh 3D Show, Its a Small World, and Fast Pass Peter Pan ride. The family decided to head back to the hotel for a nap then come back after dinner to enjoy the park at night. What a great choice!

The kids and mommy had a good 2 hour nap while daddy chased down a wireless connection that I never caught but I did find a few draft beers along the way to cool my thirst and temper. I’ve never heard of a resorts wireless going down for 3 days straight! I finally had sometime to play and I could not get a connection to save my life! I digress. We hit the park by 6 PM and made our fast pass time for the Peter Pan ride! The kids loved it! Just as I remember it. We did the Peter Pan ride a few times but then the heavens opened up. Yes! The clouds rolled in fast and the rain followed quickly. We still had fun running around in the rain, jumping in puddles and riding Buzz Lightyear about 4 times. Then we raced the cars at the speedway in the rain! That was fun! The rain eventually subsided in time to watch the light show and the fireworks. We really enjoyed the fireworks! After closing down the park we took the ferryboat back to the parking lot ( kids really enjoyed all the lights ).

If you ask my son what his favorite part of his day at Disney was …

Why getting Buzz Lightyear toy of course! He also said getting all wet on Splash Mountain! Love it!

I was disappointed he did not get to ride Space Mountain, missing it by 1 inch and Thunder Mountain was closed for renovations. I loved those two rides as a kid!

Unfortunately all the fun does come to an end to quickly. My daughter fell asleep on me during the ride back to the resort and my son crashed once his head hit the pillow. Daddy and mommy were not far behind … dreaming of a morning of sleeping in late. Wishful thinking .. kids woke up crack of dawn ready to go! Needless to say daddy was dragging all day during the long drive home while everyone in the car took 2 hours naps!

Pod-casts to the rescue again! It has not failed me yet!



A note pad would have been nice to take down all the great stuff discussed in these few podcats. I will likely listen to them again.