More Road Trip Podcast Mayhem

More Road Trip Podcast MayhemEarly morning road trip, starting at 3 AM, to enjoy a water park and Walt Disney World with the kids for a long weekend! We normally travel through the night. This time the goal was to try the early morning travel. The tough call is, does daddy actually go to sleep for a few hours or just stay up all night? This time I slept for two hours then started driving at 4 AM. We woke the kids up once the car was ready to go, of course they woke up but thankfully went back to sleep once on the interstate. Honestly I think I prefer this early morning travel versus the overnight. The kids did great, still drove 9 hours but the morning breakfast stop seemed to breakup the trip just enough. The ONLY bad part traveling at this time I do not get to enjoy as many pod-casts before our precious packages awaken.



I was disappointed to learn Project Silk did not review Knockout.js or Backbone.js before publishing guidance. I will state, the Project Silk team does acknowledge Knockout.js and Backbone.js. Appears to be the case of get something basic out, then evaluate other more advanced frameworks/libraries in a subsequent release. Since the publication the team has reviewed Knockout.js and Backbone.js and will hopefully be publishing a revision to include direction on both.

I really enjoyed the pod-cast from Herding Code with Derick Bailey on Backbone.js. I have not been able to really spend the time I’d like learning Backbone.js BUT after hearing the talk I have a NEW vigor to get on it. I learned alot from the talk especially a few places to learn so called ‘best practices’. There is NO question in my mind Derick Baily is definitely an expert in the Backbone.js world. Before the talk I thought of Backbone.js as a framework and/or MVC framework but after listening to Derick that is not accurate. Backbone.js is more of a flexible library. I highly recommend listening to Derick Baily talk about Backbone.js. His knowledge and passion for Backbone.js is quickly apparent.

Concerning the talk with Brad Wilson … The information and knowledge that oozes out of Brad Wilson is simply terrifying! I’m looking forward to seeing how far Brad can push xUnit 2.0 release.

I have yet to hear a bad talk with Glenn Block, this guys is top notch! DotNet Rocks fellas had a great conversation with Glenn Block regarding node.js support in Windows Azure. It was encouraging to hear Glenn Block stress Microsoft wants to make Azure a platform that supports several frameworks not just C# and ASP.NET. Windows Azure now supports JAVA, Ruby On Rails, PHP, Hadoop, and Node.js. If guys like Scott Gu, Glenn Block, and Scott Hanselman can continue to push Microsoft to REALLY collaborate and embrace the OSS community I think big things will continue. The more the mentality of buy it or we can write it better is quieted or lessoned from within MS and MORE embracing existing frameworks and supporting more than just MS stack the BETTER .NET stack will become! Hold on to your hats times are changing for the better.