Why I Blog - Why Twitter

Leverage MVCMailer from ASP.NET Web Forms ApplicationA few days ago I was caught off guard when a peer asked why I blog. My initial response was learning. However, after stewing on the question for a day I discovered there is much more to answering Why I blog. I have alot of the same reasons as the next person, like T. Henrikesen10 Reasons Why I Blog 9/10.

The main reason is personal and professional learning with a goal in mind to work towards being a software craftsman, create eminence and build MY brand. I enjoy, crave learning new things, always have; at the same time I get just as much enjoyment when I’m able to share that knowledge to help peers.

Blogging provides an archive of my interests, involvement, work, and learning. In addition, it is important to read and comment on other blogs. I constantly find myself learning from reading blogs interesting to me. I do find reading blogs trigger tweets and ideas for my own blogs. Composing blogs and reading blogs can provide data for reflection on many different levels.

Blogging is a challenge and can initially be a comfort zone menace. In the end I’ve found blogging provides the challenge I need to keep my knowledge cravings in check.

Twitter is the vehicle I leverage to capture trends, links, and news relative to my professional and personal interests. There is an immense amount of learning opportunity to be harvested by following the experts of your profession. In fact, Twitter harvesting is a MUST. Twitter fuels my addiction to learn and attempt to become a software craftsman.

Why I Blog

  • Personal and Professional Learning
  • Craftsmanship
  • Enjoyment
  • Eminence and Brand
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Archive
  • Networking
  • Challenge

Why Twitter

  • Professional Learning
  • Networking
  • Technology Trends
  • News
  • Links