Frozen Bytes Chocolatey Series

Frozen Bytes Chocolatey Series Several months ago, back in September of last year I was sitting in a hotel room in D.C. reading blogs and stumbled upon Chocolatey. Chocolatey is a package manager for the Windows platform similar to apt-get package manager concept. The magician behind the brown sweetness is fervantcoder ( Rob Reynolds ). Like many of you, my initial response, ABOUT DAAAAMMMMN time we get a package manager for windows! What a great idea! My goal over the next month is to release a blog series accompanied with videos for my personal development and learning. In the process I hope to demonstrate the OH SO SWEET work Rob has done with Chocolatey.

  1. One Big Super Double Warmup Chocolatey To Go
  2. Grab Some Chocolatey Packages
  3. Create and Publish First Chocolatey Nuget Package
  4. Create Chocolatey Chunks ( dependencies )
  5. Create Development Chocolatey Blocks