Hosting Silverlight Over HTTP Under F5 Big IP


In my previous article Hosting Silverlight Over HTTPS I explained how to configure your Silverlight application for consumption over HTTPS assuming IIS is securing the site using SSL over port 443. What if your client is leveraging BigIP to server your site over HTTPS? Well, big surprise, the configuration will not work!


The client is NOT leveraging IIS to secure the site using SSL over port 443, instead BigIP is serving the site over HTTPS. The standard configuration is not working!


  1. Ensure Web Site hosting ASP.NET application is NOT configured to use SSL, port 443 with a certificate.
  2. Ensure BigIP is configured for the site.
  3. Ensure the ASP.NET site can be hit using HTTPS.
  4. Updated the client endpoint address attribute url in ServiceReferences.ClientConfig on the Server in *.xap package to use HTTPS.
  5. Updated the service model bindings basicHttpBinding security settings to use Transport mode.
  6. Update the web service URL to use the fully qualified URL instead of the IP Address
  7. Ensure the ASP.NET site can be hit using HTTPS.